July 9, 2020
Employee Awarded Lakes College Apprentice of the Year 2020

Thomas Armstrong (Timber) Ltd are delighted to announce that Emily Bailiff, our Trainee Timber Roof Truss Designer has been selected as Lakes College West Cumbria’s Apprentice of the Year.

On behalf of the Timber Limited Directors, Emily received a small gift in recognition of her recent achievement in becoming Lakes College Apprentice of the Year (all hands were duly sanitized before presentation was made, and social distancing rules were observed at all times).

Timber Limited Managing Director, Nicky Clifford commented "It is highly satisfying for our company when the young people we invest in reciprocate with maximum effort and commitment".

Emily’s first encounter with our business was whilst at school when she expressed an interest in Construction and Design.

Emily joined our Roof Truss and Timber Frame Design Department for a week’s Work Experience and during that time showed a high level of interest and enthusiasm.

At the age of sixteen Emily could have continued to study for her A Levels and then on to University. However, we discussed the opportunities that our company could offer her and she agreed to join us and follow a dedicated career pathway that gave her a more ‘hands on’ role whilst attending college to further her formal qualifications.

Emily has a bright future with our company, especially if she continues to show the levels of commitment that she has so far.

Well Done Emily, the Timber Limited Team are delighted for you and very proud.