Our Environmental and Sustainability Commitment

We are aware of the potential impact that our operations at Thomas Armstrong (Timber) Ltd may have on the environment and are continually assessing this with a view to minimising any effects. The Thomas Armstrong Group is fully committed to minimising the impact of all of its operations on the environment.

Thomas Armstrong (Timber) Ltd recognises and accepts its moral and legal responsibilities on all environmental issues. It is therefore our policy to conduct our undertakings, so far as is reasonably practicable, in a manner conducive to the environment.

We endeavour to target as follows:

  • Waste minimisation
  • Efficient use of energy
  • Emissions to atmosphere and water
  • Noise emissions

The Company is committed to developing meaningful environmental performance and evaluation procedures. Progress against specific objectives and targets will be reported on a regular basis and at least annually. Awareness and responsibility training will be made available to all employees in environmental matters. Our aspiration is to obtain ISO 14001 certification for all group activities.

Increasingly consumers are seeking evidence of environmentally sound business practises, including reassurance and proof from forest/timber bases industries that the wood used comes from sustainable managed sources. To achieve this, we have Chain Of Custody certifications.

Thomas Armstrong (Timber) Limited is committed to source wood panel products and timber from legitimate and legal suppliers. It is the Company policy, first and foremost, to source products from suppliers who themselves are members of recognised environmental schemes.

For future requirements, the Company will continue to source product responsibly and promote the environmental benefits of wood as a natural renewable resource.

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